Saifu will Help Organizations like PwC Deliver Better Services


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the largest professional services firms in the world, started accepting Bitcoin payments for advisory services at its Hong Kong office late last year. PwC further said it is partnering with startups in the blockchain industry to further enhance the use of the disruptive technology in its services.

The PwC move indicates the need for organizations, both private and public, to hold open discussions on cryptocurrencies, without dismissing their potential. PwC Asia-Pacific chairman Raymund Chao said it was a decision that illustrates the company’s commitment to “embrace new technology and incorporating innovative business models across our full range of services.”

PwC offers a number of services to organizations and governments including accounting and audit services. The company’s embrace of cryptocurrency charts the way for other financial institutions to hop on the bandwagon. PwC is not the first accounting firm to trade in cryptocurrencies. Last year Ernst & Young (EY) Switzerland started accepting Bitcoin payments for auditing and consultancy services. EY also became the first accounting firm to install a Bitcoin ATM in it’s office. It is evident that the cryptocurrency trend is unstoppable and organizations are now using every opportunity to cash on the cryptocurrency market.

Saifu, the world’s first platform where conventional currencies and cryptocurrencies are usable in one place under a single licensed institution, operates using its three pillars: “Easy, Secure and Regulated.”

Among the fears that have hampered in-depth investment into cryptocurrencies is the fear of mining or registering on platforms. Saifu has made a place for all participants even availing step-by-step processes outlining how it has grown.

Among the fears that have hampered the full adoption of cryptocurrencies are the complexities associated with acquiring and maintaining a wallet, along with the potential that it could be hacked. Additionally, getting in and out of cryptocurrencies can be complicates, as users need to use exchanges and make transfers to external accounts that can often be blocked. Saifu offers a solution to this all in one simplified online platform that also has the best security for cryptocurrencies in the business.