Two exciting developments in the Saifu world; one for our business users, one for individuals. First, Saifu is adding Dash to the Saifu platform. Second, Saifu has partnered with DashPeople to provide payment processing services to merchants in Eastern Europe.

What’s Dash?

Dash is a cryptocurrency with a strong focus on functioning as a currency and remaining decentralized. It was developed from Bitcoin but offers some additional features and has some novel solutions to solve some of the issues that affect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

One novel feature is near instantaneous transactions, called InstantSend. InstantSend allows users to transactions processed immediately for a slightly higher fee. This can be useful when there is a lot of crypto activity, as this can occasionally lead to delays in transaction processing, and while it’s usually not an issue, as crypto becomes more popular it’s likely to become one.

Dash also has a democratic system in place called Decentralized Governance, to vote on proposed upgrades to Dash software and funding for research and development investments. Dash allocates 10% of mining rewards to fund its own R&D, unlike other cryptocurrencies which generally rely on donations from crypto enthusiasts.

Most useful for the average Saifu user, Dash is devoted to being accepted at merchants worldwide. There are currently more than 1,400 businesses that accept Dash, and that number is rapidly increasing. If you’re interested in spending your crypto, Dash gives you a lot more options. You can find the full list of merchants that accept Dash here.

Who are DashPeople?

DashPeople are a group of Dash supporters who are working to bring Dash adoption to businesses worldwide. They have a strong presence in Eastern Europe, especially in Croatia where Saifu will now be providing payment processing for merchants accepting crypto. Croatia is ahead of the curve on crypto adoption, with a self-regulatory organization in place since February, approved by Croat regulatory authorities.

Saifu’s partnership with DashPeople helps to increase mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, gives Saifu a larger presence in our home market, and brings awareness of Saifu’s business services. We’re very excited to be working with DashPeople, and look forward to more partnerships across the globe.