Saifu to Redefine Your Crypto Experience

Enabling our customers to use both crypto and fiat on one safe and secure platform.

      • This week Saifu applied for an extension of our license to PISP. PISP is a new type of payment institution license within PSD2, which will allow us to collect account information from any bank account that belongs to our customers and use it in a single application. This functionality will make Saifu the only app our customers need for all of their bank accounts. Simply connecting your accounts will allow you to view the account balance and statements of all your bank accounts and even make outgoing payments from other bank accounts on the Saifu app.
      • After applying for PISP license extension we are now focusing on implementation of IBAN functionality and Saifu card delivery. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned.
      • Deloitte has completed their audit for 2017, which means that the Saifu SWIFT BIC will be activated soon. We at Saifu believe that it’s important to have other experts keep a watchful eye over our operations, that’s why we choose to be audited by one of the world’s largest accountancy firms.
      • Aiming to make payments in the Eurozone cheaper and faster, Saifu is applying for SEPA direct membership.
      • Saifu is now offering corporate accounts for our clients. Please visit  and apply for your business account. Saifu is here for both individuals and companies.
      • Some of our users may have experienced technical problems with onboarding. This issue has been investigated and will be fixed within 2 days.

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