Saifu is glad to announce, that today we’ve rolled out our major update, which includes:

1. If you accidentally enter your name with a mistake, you can easily fix it now.
2. You are now able to deposit money to your Saifu account using your bank card.
3. It’s now possible to open an account and upload all the documents directly from the mobile app.
4. Minor usability improvements for both web and mobile apps.

We’ve submitted new apps to Google Play and AppStore. Once they are approved, you will be able to update your mobile Saifu app.

We have also fixed the issues with our onboarding procedure. Onboarding works fine now.
If you tried to open an account before and experienced some issues, please try one more time now. Here’s a quick instruction on how to do it:

  • Go to, click your profile icon and click “Reset onboarding” then “Become Tier 1” button.
  • You will need to upload a clear photo of your passport or national ID (not driving license and not residence permit).
  • After you upload your first document, it may take us some time to check it. If the window that says that we are checking your documents doesn’t disappear in 5 minutes, you don’t have to keep it open, you can come back in an hour or so. This may happen if a document has to be checked manually.
  • After your first document check is complete, you will be asked to upload your second document: driving license or national ID (if you haven’t uploaded it as the first document) or a Residence permit (if you are not a European citizen). This process is the same as the first document check, so you don’t have to wait, you can come back later.
  • After we’ve checked all your documents, you will be asked to confirm all data in your signup form. You may need to enter your birth city, issuer name and issue date of your documents and then confirm.
  • The last thing you have to do is to transfer an initial deposit of at least 15 Euro from your other European bank account.
  • After we receive the initial deposit, your account will be active and you will be able to use your Saifu account in EURO, BTC and ETH.