Saifu First to Offer Current Accounts in Both Fiat and Crypto


Saifu became the first financial institution to offer current accounts in fiat and cryptocurrencies with the release of the new web app.

Recently we’ve seen an increasing number of people jump aboard the crypto bandwagon, but there are still issues for anyone who is looking to use cryptocurrencies in the ‘real world’ economy, with storage and transactions, in particular, proving complicated.



Saifu is looking to change that, by offering a convenient solution to the problem of accessibility in crypto.

Our platform features services provided by a traditional bank, including checking accounts, money transfers, currency exchanges and a soon-to-be-released mobile app, allowing users to exchange money between fiat and crypto

In addition, Saifu has partnered with French cybersecurity expert Thales to offer market-leading, bank-grade security for cryptocurrencies, as well as prepaid debit cards and card acquiring services.

The project began back in 2016, before the hype train for cryptocurrencies really got going. Licensed as a payment institution in the Czech Republic, Saifu provides deposit accounts to customers in both fiat and cryptocurrencies that will soon have their own IBAN accounts. Those accounts can be used to easily make exchanges between fiat and crypto currencies in just a few clicks. Customers get the best exchange rates on the market because Saifu sources from a number of major exchanges.


With a few simple clicks, these accounts can be used to quickly make exchanges between fiat and crypto, with customers getting the best exchange rates on the market because Saifu sources from a number of major exchanges.

Bank-grade security with Saifu

Due to our status as a payment institution, Saifu accounts can be used to make transfers easily, which come in the form of SWIFT and SEPA transactions for fiat accounts, while cryptocurrency accounts only need a public wallet address or a QR code.

In the near future, Saifu will be offering prepaid debit cards which can be used anywhere in the world.

When it comes to security, Saifu has that covered as well, with bank-grade security developed in partnership with French banking cybersecurity specialists Thales.

Going far beyond hot and cold storage solutions, customers’ funds will still be safe even in the unlikely event of a hack.

At the very core of our security system is a Thales hardware device, which boasts a dual, malware-protected access card system. Customers keys are created within the hardware and never leave it, meaning they can rest assured that their crypto is safe with Saifu.