In our mission to bridge the gap between crypto and fiat currencies, Saifu is making constant progress developing our app to bring the best experience for our customers.

Saifu has been approved to be a part of a global payment system, which means Saifu will be offering even a wider array of services in fiat currencies.

  • Our customers can send and receive international payments as if they were domestic. Make payments faster with no b2b payment fees, request payments faster and easier for both you and your payer.
  • Mass Upload all your outgoing and incoming payments. Just upload your beneficiaries’ details, authorize the payments and we will transfer the funds to your beneficiary.
  • Lock in your exchange rates and manage your FX exposure with the FX Toolkit. Book payments instantly at live market rates. 
  • We’ll notify you when the market goes in your favour so you’re always getting the best possible rate. Flexible Variable Contracts will protect you against currency market volatility by locking in a rate for a fixed term with no drawdown fees.
  • Get flexible. Make payments in the local currency, send funds in 117 fiat currencies, in 145 countries.

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