Saifu is excited to share some major updates with you. We’ve just released a new version of our web application, with a sleeker and more refined look. Integrated with the new version is a streamlined onboarding procedure that will improve the user experience for our customers. We have also submitted our mobile application to iOS for upcoming release.

These updates are a key landmark in Saifu’s progress, in line with our roadmap. We will have more updates and continue to release added functionality for our applications. Next up will be the ability to add funds to your Saifu account using your debit or credit card, which we expect to be able to announce in the coming week.

New Desktop Application

After many months of hard work, Saifu is proud to announce the release of our new web app. The release of the app marks a key milestone in our development, and gives our customers the advertized design from our demos. Until now, beta testers have been using a simplified design for testing purposes only, which all changes today.

Here’s a peek at the new version:

To see more, you can now register on our site with a simple procedure that gives you access to the app, without having to go through the full onboarding procedure.

Onboarding Overhaul

As part of the release of our new web app, we’ve also overhauled our onboarding procedure, with a multi-tiered approach tailored for different types of Saifu customers. The new process allows us to onboard new Saifu customers much more quickly, drastically reducing waiting times for beta onboarding. The process is in line with stringent KYC requirements, which means Saifu continues to be a fully compliant institution.

Unlike our previous, one-size-fits-all approach, the new process recognizes that some customers will be doing serious cryptocurrency trading, but many will use Saifu for relatively small crypto transactions and day-to-day purchases. For those who just want to make smaller transactions, KYC requirements are lower, and can be largely automated. With that in mind, we’ve created a four-tier system for Saifu customers.

Tier 0 is a preview, and we just need your name, country of residence, and contact info to get you started. Tier 0 lets you explore the Saifu web and mobile apps. For Saifu functionality, you’ll need to level up to Tier 1.

Tier 1 gives you full access to the Saifu platform. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, exchange between fiat currencies through your own IBAN account, as well as send and receive fiat and crypto. Going from Tier 0 to Tier 1 takes about seven minutes in total. You’ll answer a few questions about residency and occupation, then upload a government issued photo ID. The approval process is automatic and takes around five minutes. The only limitation in Tier 1 is total volume of monthly transactions.

Tiers 2 and 3 allow Saifu users to make large (or very large) transactions on their Saifu accounts. The KYC processes for these are more in-depth, take a little longer, and aren’t necessary for many users. There’s also a phone interview that we conduct for Tier 3 to get to know our customers better and offer them the right services. Our staff are friendly and well trained in the process, so you’ll be sure to have a pleasant experience. In the meantime, you’ll still be able to use your Saifu account with the lower limits in tiers 1 and 2.

Saifu Mobile

After many months of development on the Saifu mobile app, we’re pleased to announce that we’re starting our roll out Saifu for iOS to beta testers. The mobile app will offer most of the tools and features of the web app. Internal fiat and crypto transfers between Saifu users, wires to and from external accounts, exchanges between fiat and crypto currencies — all available through our secure app.

We’ve now submitted the mobile app for iOS release, and it should be available to our customers soon.

Here’s a quick look at the home screen:

Saifu mobile will give you complete control of your Saifu account on the go, and unlike a mobile wallet, your cryptocurrencies are still protected by our bank-grade security. This is a major milestone on our roadmap and we’re proud to have reached it on schedule.

New Beta Testers

Our more efficient onboarding will significantly speed up the KYC process, which in turn will allow us to accept a new wave of beta testers from the waiting list which is thousands strong. If you’re on the waiting list and a European citizen, you can get access quickly through the web app.

Debit Card Top-ups

Lastly, we’re adding new functionality to the Saifu platform. In the coming week, you’ll be able to top up your Saifu account using a debit or credit card. Just one more way Saifu makes it easy to use crypto.

We’re proud of our progress building the Saifu platform. We hope you’ll check out our new features and join the Saifu family.