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Saifu is an app that bridges the gap between crypto and fiat currencies enabling everyone to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into their daily life. It’s everything you need in one app!

Step into a world of cryptocurrencies

Unlike many other platforms, Saifu is a one-stop-shop for all your financial needs. Buy, exchange and store both crypto and fiat currencies in one place! The Saifu platform was designed with our customers in mind: we developed a sleek, user-friendly interface so you can easily navigate our apps. In just a few clicks you can buy or exchange both crypto and fiat currencies. One of the benefits of exchanging and buying currencies with Saifu is that it is a highly secure tool. Saifu has partnered with Thales to bring bank-grade security solution to the crypto world. We worked hard to make Saifu a service that you enjoy and trust, so we’ve chosen to work with external regulators to protect our customers.

More than just a wallet

Making cryptocurrencies mainstream – is one of our goals here at Saifu. When you choose a Saifu account, you won’t need any advanced technical skills. You can easily deposit money to your Saifu account using your bank card, exchange and transfer currencies in just a few clicks, without having to sacrifice security. We believe that cryptocurrencies should be accessible and regulated, hence why Saifu is a fully regulated financial institution.

Explore the opportunities of cryptocurrencies

Deposit crypto and fiat currencies to your Saifu account. Use your Saifu account to transfer funds and to pay the bills, you can transfer your crypto and fiat to almost any person, business or government organization. For fiat currencies, the transfers come in the form of SWIFT transactions; for crypto you can send and receive crypto via a public wallet address or a QR code. Saifu is like your bank account, but better!

 Saifu is your current account, an exchange and a secure wallet in one app.

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